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Lenders have strict rules that make it hard to get hotel loans, and there is a lot of competition for hotel financing solutions. is a correspondent lender that focuses on giving loans to hotels. They offer many loans to help you build, buy, or sell a hotel.

Since this is the case, can make your hotel dreams come true by giving you many loan choices tailored to your project.

Identifying Your Hotel Financing Solutions knows that each hotel project is different. That’s why they give you a range of loan choices to meet your needs:

  • SBA Loans: These government-backed loans have reasonable rates and terms for qualified people. They can be used to start new businesses or make hotels bigger.
  • Construction Financing: Get the money you need to start from scratch and build your hotel with loan designs that are made for each stage of the building process.
  • Renovation Loans: You can give your home a new lease on life with financing that can cover repairs, upgrades, and improvements.
  • Buy & Hold Loans: Want to put money into an existing hotel? This choice gives you the cash to buy and keep your hotel property.
  • Refinancing: Access the wealth in your current hotel to get more money for investments or a better interest rate.

The team at works with you to fully understand your project’s scale, budget, and long-term goals. They can find the best loan choice to help you reach your goals by carefully looking at what you need.

The Influence of Correspondent Lender

Through the power of correspondent lending, opens up a world of options for your hotel project. If you want to do correspondent lending, can connect you with a massive group of lenders specializing in hospitality funding. This method has several significant advantages:

  • More comprehensive Range of Options: can offer you more loan programs because it works with a network of lenders. This makes it more likely that you will find the best one for your project.
  • Competitive Rates: Since works with many lenders, it can deal on your behalf and get you better interest rates and terms than if you went directly to each lender.
  • Streamlined Process: helps people find different loan plans and lenders. They make the process easier so you can focus on your job while they find the best way to finance it.

Having In-House Underwriters Is Crucial

Regarding hotel loans, getting credit can depend on how quickly and well the underwriting process works. Borrowers can benefit significantly from in-house underwriting.

  • Faster Decisions: Because underwriters work for the same company as, they can quickly review your application. This means you can get a loan faster than if the lender had to hire outside underwriters.
  • Deeper Understanding: The underwriters at work directly with the hospitality business and know all of its nuances inside and out. This lets them accurately judge the potential of your project and make sensible decisions that fit the needs of your hotel business.
  • Increased Approval Chances: The underwriters at work directly with the hospitality business and know all of its nuances inside and out. This lets them accurately judge the potential of your project and make sensible decisions that fit the needs of your hotel business.

The Benefits of Super Brokers Beyond Conventional Loans

Regarding hotel loans, is more than just a lender. They are like super brokers and specialized middlemen. They know many people in business and can help you get a lot of different kinds of loans. Because of this exceptional edge, they can:

  • Unlock Alternative Solutions: The great thing about is that it can look into other ways to get money for projects that don’t meet the usual loan standards. One thing it might do is look into mezzanine loans or partnerships.
  • Navigate Complex Situations: is a super broker, which means they can help you get the money you need, even if there are problems or issues with your project.

Case Studies

Boutique Hotel Renovation in Napa Valley

There was a small hotel in Napa Valley that a family ran. They wanted to bring the property back to life by making many changes. Too much of the loan was used to buy the house, so it still needed more money. Their great broker,, found a lender specializing in changing hotels. helped the family get a renovation loan with a reasonable interest rate by clarifying that the hotel had done well in the past and would do even better after the renovation. This allowed them to achieve their goal and set up their hotel for continued success.

Independent Hotel Acquisition in Miami

A businessman who had never owned a hotel wanted to buy an independent hotel in Miami that needed help making money. It took a lot of work for traditional lenders to give the buyer a loan because they needed to know more about the badly damaged house. The financing team at looked at the property’s chances and the owner’s good business plan with great care. The business owner got a cheap SBA loan through’s network of associate lenders. This allowed them to buy the hotel and start planning to turn it around. The hotel’s occupancy rate rose by 20% in 18 months, which was better than planned and solidified the owner’s place in the hospitality business.


Don’t let problems with money stop you from constructing the hotel you want. has a wide range of loan options, in-house screening knowledge, and the power of a superbroker to help you get the best financing for your project, even when things are complicated. Make your dream come true by calling for a free consultation. Their team of hospitality lending experts will help you reach your goals.


What types of hotel loans does offer? gives you several loan choices to meet your wants, such as:

  • Small Business Loans
  • Construction Loans Home Improvement Loans
  • Loans to Buy and Hold
  • Refinancing

How does determine the most suitable loan option for me?

The way works is by working together. They will help you determine your project’s scope, price, and long-term goals. They can find the loan choice that will help you succeed by carefully examining your needs.

What are the benefits of’s correspondent lending network?

The network at has several benefits, including:

  • A more comprehensive range of loan options: Better chances of getting the right person for the job.
  • Competitive Rates: There is a chance that interest rates and terms will be better.
  • Simplified Process: does the work of finding different lenders for you.

Why is in-house underwriting necessary for hotel loans?

When you do your underwriting, you get faster decisions, a better understanding of the hospitality business, and a better chance of getting your project approved because experienced underwriters will fight for it.

What is a superbroker, and how does it benefit me?

As a super broker, can offer more than just standard loans to get money. This lets them look into other options, such as mezzanine financing or joint partnerships, and handle tricky situations to develop creative project solutions.

Ready to discuss your hotel financing needs?

Contact immediately for a free consultation, and their team of hospitality lending experts will help you make your dream come true.


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